About Me

My name is Samantha Anne.

It’s my pleasure to see you’ve taken an interest. I’m a midwestern girl who’s heart belongs to the big city, and who’s passion belongs to you. At first, my pubicly sophisticated behavior may come across as shy and timid. Yet, you’ll find yourself intrigued with my class and aura. I am a recipe to be loved…a captivating blend of simplicity and complexity…a whole lot of fun and not the least bit modest. After all, that is the sexiest combination a woman can be.

But this isn’t actually about me — it’s about you.

A woman will be as girly as you pamper her, as lady like as you treat her, as intelligent as you challenge her, and as sensual as you entice her.”

Allow me to “take off your jacket” and indulge you in an experience like never before. From the moment we meet, our connection will seem effortless. Lead me into a room with you, and everyone will be aware of our presence. Mind you, I’ll be sure to leave my ego at the door. Our conversation will be so intellectually stimulating that we will forget anyone else exists. As we continue to get to know each other, your mind will wander with endless possibilities of you and me.I’m looking forward to our romantic rendezvous together — a king favoring his queen to a candlelit dinner, an adventurous getaway, or a night out on the town. I’m a sucker for a little standup comedy, and rooms with a view. So, let’s pop some bubbly and see where this leads us, shall we?